Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Editor,

In response to 'BALI BOMB OUTRAGE', Pages 1 and 9, Sunday Times report, January 20, 2019, I offer the following:

In 2005 Abu Bakar Bashir was reported as saying, "This is the doctrine of Islam. All laws must be under Islamic Law. There is no example of Islam and infidels, the right and the wrong, living together in peace. If they want to have peace, they have to accept to be governed by Islam." Fundamentalist Islam would enslave the world.

This is the mindset of all spiritual leaders of Islamic extremists, and this mindset will not change until the fatal flaws in the Koranic root of Islam itself are exposed world-wide as detailed on website

The trouble is, the lesson needs to be delivered by an authority capable of claiming the whole world's attention with its message able to penetrate deeply into every Islamic heart. Sadly, the only voice properly placed to deliver the message remains ever silent - the voice of the Pope himself.

The words of the Koran are the words of Muhammad's mentoring 'angel' who delivered his teachings to him over a period of 23 years, and because the 'angel' was believed by Muhammad to be the Archangel Gabriel, he and all Muslims believe them to be the 'sacred' words of their 'Allah-God' Himself.

But, the 'angel's' claim to be Gabriel was his fatal mistake, the mistake which will ultimately bring the whole edifice of the ideology crashing down. This 'angel's CONTRADICTIONS of the true Archangel's messages to God's people of the ancient Hebrew-Judaic-Christian Scriptures are so numerous and blatant, it is seemingly beyond belief that his lying, deceiving masquerade has progressed without exposure through fourteen centuries. This 'angel's' messages would have the Divinity contradicting Itself.

It must be accepted that the God of the Ancient People-of-God is the True God, and that the minds of the impostor 'angel' with his 'Allah-god' are in confusing conflict with the Mind of the True Divinity. These contradicting 'minds' are clearly 'anti' the Ancient Judeo-Christian True God religion and are Antichrist. They now claim supremacy for themselves over all religions which have preceded Islam, that 'contradicting Islam' has now supplanted them all, to be now "the only true faith in God's sight." (Koran 3:19)

The world awaits the Papal lesson.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter

20th February 2019