Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


(The Church must face up to this challenge!)

Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness, Pope Francis,

I am acutely aware of what is the only solution to the 'world-problem' which is Islam. Islam, as a religious ideology, is not compatible with a free democratic-egalitarian society. (Your policy-of-appeasement is a policy which can only serve Islam's policy of world conquest and domination.) Muslims are first and foremost members of a 'global Islamic Nation' which has as its ultimate goal to dominate a world made subject to its Sharia Law "from one end of the world to the other." Their threats have long been open and brazen. This is WW111; a war unlike any other. (Your policy of appeasement denies them opportunity to face up to the 'angel' deceptions which enslave them.)

On October 13th, 1999, for example, Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini of Izmir in Turkey, attended a meeting on Islamic-Christian dialogue to hear a senior Muslim comment, " Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you. " ( It is the Church's job to set Muslims free. Show them how they have been deceived. The Messiah is their Saviour too !)

Muslims have a clear expansion program of building mosques and cultural centres in all Western countries into which they have successfully gained citizenship. (Your unique Holy Office provides opportunity for you to proclaim to all diverse 'believers' in the world the history of salvation with the Divine Christ-Messiah as the World's only Saviour - the incarnate manifestation of the Divinity Itself. That regardless of our individual history and heritage , He now calls us all to Himself. This, is His message to the world!)

The Muslim's dream is of a world with every country operating subject to Sharia law. (Appeasing policies of Church and Governments serve to pave their way.)

For Western democratic societies the situation we now face is becoming ever-more dire. We must choose, now, what is to be our legacy to our own, and the world's, future generations? Is it to be: freedoms for all protected under democracy, or, slavery enforced under Islamic law?

There is only one ultimate solution to the dilemma, as hard as it might be to consider or accept. Islam will never be defeated by guns, bombs or belly-aching. It can only ever be defeated through education. So, what, and how, to teach the Muslim? (He knows it all, there is nothing more for him to learn. " The only true faith in God's sight is Allah's Islam. " Koran 3:19 - end of story! We must love our 'enemy' and liberate him. We must tell him the Truth, because only the Truths of Christ can set him free .)

So, how to teach him, and who to teach it? And, how to get him to listen? To whose voice might he listen? Fundamentally, only one voice is capable of commanding world-wide attention, and that is the voice of a Pope and his Christian Church. Only a Pope's voice can do it! Is this NOT your role?

Islam is historically founded upon the teachings given to Muhammad by an 'angel' who claimed to be the Archangel Gabriel. He wasn't Gabriel! He was a Scripturally proven impostor! His Koran is the summation of the mixture of truth and lies he fed to Muhammad, that it challenge and ultimately supplant God's own religion of Christ the Messiah. Muhammad was duped, and the impostor's lies have prevailed over his innocent Islamic victims for fourteen centuries.

It is time for their liberation and for the world to be liberated from the presence of their deluded ideology. ( Only the Church's-Voice-of-the-Messiah can save Muslims and the world from the delusions of Satan's Islam - "Who hears you, hears Me! " Refer to the proposed Papal Universal Address" in and for the analyses and proofs of the impostor-angel's Koranic lies. Note particularly: ' Why Allah is NOT the God of Abraham ' and 'Islam and democracy'.)
Recommended reading: 'Stealth Jihad' by Robert Spencer and 'Christianity, Islam and Atheism' by William Kilpatrick.

Yours faithfully

Alan Mitter
Christmas, 2018

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City
(Feast: Basilicas of Sts Peter & Paul.)

(Previously sent) 18-11-2015
(Now) 21-1-2016 (Now) 13-5-2016 (Fatima)