True Religion
God Is Love (by St. John)
Son's Slave and Free
The 'Angel Voice' of Islam
Muslims And The God Of Love
Why Allah is NOT the God of Abraham
Christianity vs Islam
Two Gods?
Islam and Democracy
Islam's Deceptions Revealed!
Who was Muhammad's 'angel'?
The Caliph
Militant Islamic Terrorism
The Defeat of Islam : The Church's Role
The Church must go to 'War'
The Final Solution
What do the Saint's say about Islam?
Islam is a Lie! Jesus Christ is the Truth!
Muslim Near-death Experiences
Mohammad's Journey to Christ
Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


The following Scriptural Investigation
unequivocally shows
the Religion of the Messiah
to be the true religion
and the Religion of Islam
to be flawed in its very root.

To all who love the Truth

Please send copies of this site's 'Send Notice' to all of your friends
and, if possible, anonymously to as many people as you possibly can.
Send copies anonymously to a school, college, university,
synagogue, church and mosque near you.

End Time

".....then shall they see the Son of man (the Messiah) coming in the clouds
with great power and majesty. And then He shall send His angels, and shall
gather together His elect from the four winds, from the uttermost parts of the earth,
to the uttermost parts of the heavens."
(Mark 13:26,27; Matthew 24:30,31)

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