Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel

1.  LETTER TO ALL MUSLIMS (Finding the true religion)

Dear Sincere Believer in Islam,

I am writing to you in a spirit of love and concern to place before you what I have learned regarding the three religions: Jews, Christians and Muslims who all share the one common heritage, each in their own way, of being children of Abraham.

As you know, the Jews still await the coming of the prophesied Messiah who is the focus of the ancient Jewish Scriptures, as He is also the whole focus of the New Testament Scriptures of the Christians who recognise, as you do, that the Christ is the awaited Messiah; (Koran 3:45) but only the Christians recognise Christ as the One who has fulfilled all of the ancient prophecies regarding the Messiah in the Jewish Old Testament Scriptures. (Luke 24:44-49) The difference between your perception of who the Messiah was, and that of the Christian, is that you see the Christ Messiah as being "no more than an apostle" (Koran 3:47-48; 5:75; 19:88) while the Christians perceive Him to be as the Prophet Isaiah said, "God Himself (Who) will come and save you ". (Isaiah 35:4; 1 John 4:14 & Article 20. Jewish non-belief: See 2 Corinthians 3:12-16) I would like you to realise that I understand that I, like you, could just as easily have been born a Muslim and have been brought up to believe as firmly as you that the Koran is the unalterable truth, the revealed true word of the one true God. (Koran 3:19) But I was not born a Muslim and I have had to search for the truth of God among the religions of the world.

In summary: what I found was this: that the ancient Scriptures of the Israelites are true, (Koran 5:46) containing the actions and words of God from the dawn of Creation and progressing through His dealings with His Chosen People, the Jews, the tribe of Jacob's ('Israel's) fourth son Judah; (Jacob was the son of Isaac who was the miraculously conceived son of Abraham and his barren wife Sarah.) and how God had tested the faithfulness of Abraham by requiring of him to sacrifice his miraculously conceived son, Isaac, as a sacrificial offering, and how, when Abraham proved faithful, God had delivered Isaac back to him, and promised him that through Isaac's descendants he would become 'father' of "all the nations" and be blessed with children numbered "as stars of the heavens and the sands of the a reward for his obedience."
(See Genesis 17:15,16,19,21; 22:1-18; 28:10-14 & Article 3)
(Note: God, the Father, had required of Abraham the sacrifice of his son, Isaac, as precursor to the Self-offering-sacrifice of the Father's own Divine Son on the Cross of Calvary for the redemption of those among all mankind who would look to Him for their salvation.) (Genesis 22:1-18)

I further learned: God's own eternally generated Son, the Messiah, (See Article 20) was to be the means by Whom all the nations were to receive their blessing; (Psalm 71:17) He, Who was to sacrifice Himself on the Cross of Calvary having come into the world, according to the Prophets, as the Child of a Virgin in the town of Bethlehem. (Micah 5:2) He would be King to rule in the house of Jacob (Israel) forever and "His Kingdom (which is not of this world) would have no end." (Daniel 2:44; 7:13-14,27; Luke 1:32-33; John 18:36) According to the Prophets He would be "God the Mighty" and "Father of the world to come". Indeed, Isaiah said, "God Himself will come and save you." So, the Messiah was infinitely more than an apostle. He was the great mystery of the one true God with the capacity to incarnate Himself! (Isaiah 9:6; 35:4)

This capacity, the Apostle Saint Paul confirmed in his letter to the Colossians (2:9) when he said, "In Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead, bodily," and as he further described in his letter to the Philippians (Colossians 2:6-11). (See Article 20.2)

Then follows the teachings of the Messiah in the 'New Testament', as reported by those who lived with Him and knew Him. They are the reports of witnesses who verify He fulfilled all of the prophecies regarding Himself in the Jewish Scriptures. (Matthew 5:17,18; Luke 24:44-49) And as His earthly mission was drawing to a close, He again affirmed His Divinity to his disciples by saying: "I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again I leave the world, and I go back to the Father." (John 16:28; 7:28,29; 1 John 4:14) "None can come to the Father except by Me." (John 14:6)

Remember, Islam claims to "confirm" and "corroborate" the Jewish - Christian Scriptures, (Koran 2:85-101; 5:46,48; 10:37) Scriptures which consistently proclaim the Messiah's Divinity , but the angel of the Koran and Muhammad both clearly deny Christ's Divinity , saying, "the Messiah is no more than an apostle." (Koran 4:171; 5:16; 5;75, 19:88) So, what is the true Islamist answer to the Koran's own question: "Can you believe in one part of the Scriptures and deny another?" (Koran 2:85, 19:88) How may Koranic Islam truly "believe" its claim to "confirm" and "corroborate" the Ancient Scriptures and then override and deny so many of them, "believing", "confirming" and "corroborating" some parts and denying so many others ?

The Koran came on the scene approximately 2,600 years after Abraham and 600 years after the Messiah, and is in clear conflict with the previous Scriptures which are one cohesive whole. The New Testament brings The Old Testament to its completion in its recording of the fulfilment of all of the Old Testament prophecies by the Messiah Who was sent to fulfil God's Covenant promise to Abraham. (Matthew 5:17,18; Luke 24:44-49; 1 John 4:14)

Remember too, if I had not had the good fortune to be able to consider the three religions from the perspective of a non-Muslim, I may never have been able to come to understand how the conflict between the religions of Islam and the Messiah has occurred, and how Muhammad came to record the deceptions among the many truths dictated to him by 'the angel of light ', the Deceiver, (2 Corinthians 11:14) as being the absolute truth. Like you, I may well have come to be, with him, a Muslim. (John 8:44; 2 Thessalonians 2:9,10; 1 Peter 5:8)

My accompanying articles show, clearly I hope, how cleverly Muhammad was deceived by Satan, 'the Master of Deception' who appeared to him as "an angel of light". (2 Corinthians 11:14)

See also articles 3, 4, 18, 19, 20.2, 21, 22 & 25.