Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Islamic People of the World,

I see you as a Victim-People of whom I could so easily have been one. In your situation, how could it have been possible to avoid being caught up in one of the two greatest deceptions in the history of the world? The message given to Muhammad is so believable and compelling that it has triumphed through fourteen centuries in the Eastern World of the Arabic peoples descended from Ishmael, son of Abraham. How could it possibly be untrue? The answer is, that it is not all untrue. Much of it is certainly true. In fact, so much of it is true that it is therefore reasonable to conclude that all of it must therefore be true! In this, lies the power and the success of a deception with the capacity to divide the children of God throughout the world and engage them in bloody conflict. God wishes us to be one. The spirit of evil, Satan, divides. So, the deception must have its root in the Great Deceiver himself, who seeks the destruction of all in the setting of brother against brother and East against West, and most particularly Islam against Jew and Christian and the rest of the world. It has given rise to a belief that Islam with its Sharia Law has God's mandate to subject the world to its rule. (See Koran 3:19 & Article 17)

This belief takes no account of the freedom of the human mind and heart to govern its own autonomy. The Kingdom of God is not of this world. It is the Kingdom of the Spirit. (Articles 10 & 11) No man can forcefully subject the mind and heart of another to his own belief. Every 'belief' offered to a man must respect his freedom to reject it. This is why separation of the Government and Religious Authorities is essential. Islam is the only religion which does not, in this way, respect the freedom of the individual mind and heart. It openly claims 'right' to subject all men, believer and unbeliever, to its rule. It would make itself 'king' to rule over all the world. It is in grave and lethal error. (Fatwa and Jihad) (See Article 2 & Article 17)

My brothers and sisters, fellow children of God. Do not be outraged at what I am trying to place before you. We are not enemies! We are the children of God, trying to navigate our way through the dangers and deceptions in the world as we endeavour to make our way home to our God and Father in heaven. This struggle we share. Let us help one another, and love one another, as we travel together on this one road which must take us, together, freely, to the New Jerusalem, to the true heavenly home of our One True God and Father of us all. (See Article 20)

The biggest problem we face is that Muhammad and Islam have very little real understanding of Judaism or of Christianity which emerged from it. Because Muhammad was wanting in this knowledge he was ill-equipped to meet the deceptions of the angel who appeared to him and he fell easy victim to the angel's very clever deceptions.
* If he had had the knowledge, he would have perceived the deceptions which divide us, and he would have immediately suspected the identity claimed by the one who appeared to him.
* If he had had the knowledge of how God planned to fulfil the 'Perpetual Covenant' He made with Abraham about 2,000BC by sending His Messiah ("God Himself will come and save you." Isaiah 35:4) who was to be born of a Virgin as Saviour and Redeemer, he would have understood the role of the Messiah in God's Redemptive Plan for the whole of Mankind. The moment the angel said, "the Messiah was no more than an apostle"(Koran 5:75; 19:88), the alarm bells would have sounded and the birth of Islam would have been averted. The Arabic Nations would have remained free to discover the Redemptive role of the Messiah in God's Plan applied equally to them, as it does for all men, until the end of time, just as the Messiah Himself said, "NO ONE can come to the Father except by Me." (John 14:6)

God's 'Messiah Plan' in the ancient Scriptures has no provision for any future prophets. The Messiah was to fulfil the Plan God made in the beginning, stretching from the first pages of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament to the last page of the New Testament. The work of the Messiah continues today in the Catholic (Universal) Church He founded to continue His Saving Mission through all the ages until the end of time. (Matthew 28:19-20)
(NOTE: The Koran claims to confirm all of the previous Scriptures: 2:85-102; 5:48; 10:37.)

Addendum to: 'The Great Deception'

Briefly, the Religion of Islam began about 610 years AFTER the whole Plan of God for the salvation of Man was brought to its fulfilment in His promised Saviour, the Messiah. God announced He had a Plan (Genesis 3:15) at the time of man's fall from grace in the Garden of Eden, but He began it much later when He separated Abraham from the rest of His people and established in him a 'Chosen People', the Jews, from whom the Saviour of His people, the Messiah, was to emerge. The Messiah would be His own eternally generated Divine Son, (Article 20) miraculously incarnated in an Immaculate Virgin, (Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; Luke 1:35) and He would sacrifice Himself, offering Himself upon a cross to His Divine Father in atonement for all the sins of men that, in His Name, all men might be spared from the just consequences of their sins and be restored to the life of grace as children of God. (1 John 4:14; John 14:6; Article 14.1; Psalm 71:17)

God, the Father, had required of Abraham the sacrifice of his son, Isaac, as precursor to the Self-offering-sacrifice of the Father's own Divine Son on the Cross of Calvary for the redemption of those among all mankind who would look to Him for their salvation. However, when Abraham proved faithful, God stayed his hand and immediately restored his son to him. (Genesis 22:1-18) From this son's child Jacob (Israel) issued a son Judah whose tribe, the Jews, became God's Chosen People from whose descendants the Messiah would come. The Messiah is the whole focus, key and essence of God's Plan! (1 John 4:14) All the rest is mere detail as to the method by which God brought about His entry into the world and its history. The Messiah is all! To dismiss Him as being 'no more than an apostle' (Koran 5:75; 19:88) is an error of cataclysmic proportion. It is to render oneself incapable of discerning and knowing God's Plan! At worst, it may bring about one's exclusion from the wonders of salvation and the inexplicable wonder of being numbered among the Children of God.
(See Article 15)

Then comes the actions and teachings of God's Messiah in the world. The New Testament Scriptures catalogue much of what He said and did. But, most importantly He established His Church, His 'Catholic (Universal) Church ' (Matthew 16:13-19) which He commissioned to act in His Name carrying His message and grace to all the nations, for all the ages, until the end of time. (Matthew 28:18-20) Still today, His Church carries His promise that no power on earth shall ever prevail against it, (Matthew 16:18) as it is "His Body, with His Spirit", (Colossians 1:18) His instrument by which He shall fulfil His 'Perpetual Covenant' with Abraham "whose children shall be numbered as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore." (Genesis 22:16-18; See Article 11, Daniel 2:44; 7:13,14 & 27)

As the Scriptures say, "The law and the Prophets were until John (John the Baptist, precursor of the Messiah. See Luke 1:5-80). Since that time, the Kingdom of God is preached......." (Luke 16:16) "The heavens shall confess Thy wonders, Lord: and Thy Truth in the Church of the Saints." (Psalm 88:6 in Douay Bible)

To think that another prophet should follow the Messiah, in order to fulfil God's Plan, simply shows an ignorance of the knowledge of God's Plan. His Plan begins with, and is made complete, in the Messiah, "Whose going forth is from the beginning, from the days of eternity." (Micah 5:2) Whose name is 'Jesus' which means 'God Who Saves'. Who said of Himself, "Before ever Abraham came to be, I AM". (John 8:58; Exodus 3:14) This, is the Messiah who could pray to His Father, "Father give Me again the glory I had with you before ever the world was." (John 17:5) Who could possibly supplant Him? (See Article 3; & Read John 1:1-34)

This Old Testament Scripture applies to Him:
"I came out of the mouth of the Most High, ('the Word': Apocalypse 19:13; John 1:1) the first-born before all creatures; I dwelt in the highest places, and My Throne is in a pillar of cloud. I have stood in all the earth, and in every people, and in every nation I have had the chief rule; and by My power I have trodden under My feet the hearts of all, the high and the low. He that hearkens to Me shall not be confounded: they that explain Me shall have life everlasting." (Ecclesiasticus 24: 5,7,9-11,30,31.)

" more than an Apostle......." ???!!! (See Article 20)

A lesson from the Book of Wisdom in the Old Testament regarding the destinies of the unjust and those blessed souls destined to know the salvation the Messiah calls all souls to receive:

'Then shall the just stand with great constancy against those who have afflicted them and taken away their labours. These unjust, seeing it, shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the suddenness of the unexpected salvation of the blessed, saying within themselves, repenting, and groaning for anguish of spirit, "These are they whom we have held in derision and for a parable of reproach. We fools esteemed their life madness, and their end without honour; behold, how they are numbered among the children of God, and their lot is among the Saints. We have erred from the way of truth........and the way of the Lord we have not known."' (Wisdom 5:1-7) (See also: John 16:3)