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This site is a collection of articles which arose from my wish to understand something of what Islam is all about. I bought a copy of the Koran, and it didn't take long to discover fundamental differences between Islam and traditional Judaeo-Christian belief. It should be noted: the Koran makes claim to 'confirm the previous (Judaeo-Christian) Scriptures'. (Koran 2:85-101; 5:48; 10:37)

Each of my articles may generally be considered as being complete in itself, having arisen from a consideration of a particular aspect, which has led to considerable repetition of key elements in articles. Other relevant articles, from different sources, have been included. It would probably be best to start at the beginning and work your way through them, but you might like to try selecting a topic of interest and see where it takes you.

There was no intention, originally, for these articles to be posted on the web. It began as an exercise to clarify and develop and record my own understanding of the root differences between Islamic and Christian belief. It is hoped that they might now contribute to a proper understanding
of where Islam is coming from, and why the religion of the Messiah is the true religion and why the Jews are indeed 'God's Chosen People'.

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a) From the Christian Bible are from various translations.
b) From the Koran are from the translation and notes by N.J.Dawood, Penguin Classics, 2003 Edition.

If reference Nos. for the Koran do not take you directly to the quote given, due to the inexact method used, it should be found in the related paragraph.

The author
I discovered the religion of the Messiah after years of searching for the true meaning of our life. I deeply regret having to use a non-de-plume, but I must, due to the risk of indiscriminate harm to innocent parties. 'In Causa Veritatis' means 'In the Cause of Truth'. We must remember: 'Truth' is impartial and has its own power. We can only hope to perceive it, and then let 'Its Power' work in us.

The Messiah said of Himself, "I am the Truth!" (John 14:6) which is simply another way of saying "I am God!", because God is the Truth, being the reason, cause and explanation of everything which exists.