Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel

The True Nature of Islam

Dear Editor,

News sources in Australia, August 2nd 2018, carried report of a young Bangladeshi student held on terror charges, who "travelled to Australia with the sole purpose of carrying out a terror attack on behalf of Isalmic State." She stabbed her "homestay host in the neck with a 25cm knife as he slept near his young daughter".

She told police, "I had to do it ... it could have been anyone. He just seemed like an easy target ... I just felt, if I don't do it, I will be sinful, and I will be punished by Allah ... In front of Allah, I just can tell him that I tried ...I felt obligated, and it was like a burden on me ... I just had to do it." She did it crying, "Allahu Akbar." (God is great!)

What is demonstrated here is the capacity of the Islamic ideology, rooted in the Koran, for its adherents to be so subjected to its Allah dictates, that even though, as this girl claimed, she "wouldn't even hurt a rat", she could be so fearfully driven to mercilessly kill at random, 'infidel unbelievers' in service of her Allah.

As well, there is the example of Agim Kruezi, a Queensland man who was planning a suicide terrorist attack on Australian soil. His plan was "to kill random, innocent people in a public place and ultimately die as a martyr in that attack." He believed, "martyrs automatically go to heaven, and that he would be there soon." Such are the evil dispositions spawned by the Koranic ideology.

Incredibly, in the face of such evidences, we have governments and a Pope stead-fast in their policies of appeasement and defence of Islam as being "a religion of peace." I question whether this Pope has ever read the Koran?

Take for example, Pope Francis's published letter 'to the Christians in the Middle East in 2014'. In it, he wrote, "Islam is a religion of peace, one which is compatible with respect for human rights and favours peaceful co-existence."

Also, while he was in Egypt in April 2017, at the AL-Azhar University, he said, "No act of violence can be perpetrated in the name of God, for it would profane His Name." What do we hear so often from the Islamic terrorist heart as they slay defenceless victims, "Allahu Akbar, God is Great!" This from "a religion of peace?"

Francis can't have it both ways, nor can appeasing governments. The Koran instructs its 'Believers', "Take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends." (5:51) "Unbelievers" of Islam are "unclean", (9:27) and "shall abide in the Fire forever." (9:17)

The truth is: Islam is a deceiving, dangerous and deluded ideology, and it is folly for anyone - be it a Pope, or a government, or a sincerely deceived Islamist, or anyone else - to attempt to defend it as a 'true' and 'peaceful' religion. (Refer to Pope Francis's Evangelii Gaudium, paragraphs 252 and 253).

(Why can't newspapers print such a letter as this? For fear of carnage triggered from an "Allahu Akbar" heart.)

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
8th October 2018