Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Editor,

Your correspondent, 2nd November 2017, is unquestionably right when he says, "The war on terror can never be won unless its root causes are removed."

The only error in this statement is, that the cause is singular, not plural. The 'one cause' is Islam itself. The root singular cause of Islam was NOT Muhammad as is commonly understood. Muhammad was but the instrument of his 'Islamic root-cause mentor', the one whose words to him were subsequently written down and formulated to constitute and become Islam's governing 'holy' book, the Koran.

The 'mentor' was believed by Muhammad to be the Holy Archangel Gabriel, historically God's messenger to His Hebrew-Jewish people of the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

The terrifying thing for every Islamist and every terrorist, is for them to have to learn that their root-cause, Archangel Gabriel, was NOT who he portrayed himself to be. This 'angel's' CONTRADICTIONS of the true Archangel Gabriel of the Ancient Scriptures belie his claim to be Gabriel.

This 'angel' was a Scripturally proven liar, who duped Muhammad into generating a false ideology, designed with its mixture of truths and lies, to challenge the validity of the Divinity's own Ancient Hebrew-Jewish-Messianic religion, now claiming for itself to be henceforth, "the only true faith in God's sight." (3:19)

And so it is, that Islam shall continue unchanged, until all Islamists are brought to the realisation that they have all been duped, as Muhammad was duped, by a lying, masquerading, Archangel Gabriel impersonator. This 'angel' openly challenges the validity of the Ancient Hebrew-Jewish Scriptures with their prophecies, prophecies in due time, all fulfilled by the Messiah of the New Testament Scriptures, whose entry into the world was signalled to the Virgin Mary by the true Archangel Gabriel who told her, her miraculously conceived Son would be called, "the Son of God". Muhammad's 'angel' on the other hand declares: "Those who say, God has begotten a Son, preach a monstrous falsehood." (19:88) This is but a sample of the impersonator's contradictions.

This lying impersonator is the 'root-founder' of Islam who, over a period of 23 years, manipulated Muhammad as his unsuspecting willing instrument. His lying, contradicting 'Koranic words' constitute the singular foundational root upon which the Edifice of this false ideology stands.

Clearly, the masquerading liar, is the singular 'root-cause' of Islam which must be 'removed'. He must be exposed for who, and what, he is. With him, must thereby go, the false ideology itself, together with its terrorist arm. Scripturally, "the father of lies is Satan", God's arch-enemy. (John 8:44)

There is no other possible solution to the problems Islam brings to the world. What is needed is an authoritative voice capable of reaching into every corner of the world with this message. And there is only one such voice which has the Scriptural veracity and standing to achieve this aim, and that is the voice of the one who occupies the Papal Office.
Please refer to A Proposed Universal Papal Address.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter

3rd November 2017