Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Editor,

In response to Con Coughlin's 'US allies should back Trump against Iran' (27th September 2018) which is a nation with "a regime driven by religious extremism" and a commitment "to exporting the principles of its Islamic revolution throughout the Muslim world."

Islamic extremism is rooted in the very nature of the Ideology itself, and it would have Sharia Islam ' governing from one end of the world to the other '. It is actively sowing its seeds in every nation to which it has emigrated.

What disappoints me most from the religious point of view is the acquiescence of the current Pope Francis to this ideology's Koranic claim to be "the only true faith in the sight of (their) God" - 'Allah'. (Koran 3:19)

This Pope not only refuses to confront the ideology's claim, but defends it as a 'religion of peace' - an ideology with its 'sacred' Koranic teachings which decry and contradict the doctrinal content of the ancient Hebrew-Judeo-Christian Scriptures. He refers to the Islamic writings as being 'sacred' in his 'Angelii Gaudium', paragraphs 252 and 253. He would thereby have Judeo-Christianity and contradictory Islam as both deriving from the same 'sacred' Divine Mind. (He is "turning my Father's House into a multi-faith den of contradictions.") (Paraphrase of Matthew 21:12-13)

He refuses to confront Islam's contradictory claims which have the Christ-Messiah 'respected' as a Prophet and an Apostle (Koran 2:136; 5:75) and 'condemned' to hellfire as an 'Unbeliever' and 'Confuter' of Islam's basic tenets. (3:9-12; 22:49) Its teachings include, " It's a monstrous lie to say God has a Son " (19:88) in face of the Ancient Old and New Testaments Scriptures which hold 'the Divine Son-of-God' as their prime Central Figure - the 'Old', with its prophecies of His future 'coming' - and the 'New', with its recordings of His fulfilment of all of the Ancient Prophecies regarding Himself. (Isaiah 7:14; 9:6; 35:4; Matt.1:23; John 8:58; Luke 24:27 & 44)

So, here we have a Pope who defends as a 'sacred' religion of 'peace', an ideology which all the Saints of history have condemned as 'false'. And, we also have a Pope whose elevation to the Papal Office has been well documented as being 'canonically invalid' - a Pope who will not stand to address the world as to why the Christ is indeed the world's only Saviour - and why "salvation can only be found through Him". (Acts 4:12; John 14:6) He muzzles his mouth in face of an ideology which declares his own Christian Religion to be obsolete - now supplanted by Islam, "the only true faith in God's (Allah's) sight." (Koran 3:19)

This Pope's duty is to present Christ to the world as its only Saviour, and how and why Islam is fatally flawed in its very foundation, as demonstrated on To date, September 2018, it seems he will never fulfil the basic duty of his Papal Office.

(He muzzles his voice while the seeds of deceit in Islam's root continue to bear their extremist fruit,
facilitated by his refusal to shine the Light of Christ upon the deceptions which hold Islamists bound.)

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St Paul warns us: " Though we or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you,
other than the gospel we have preached to you,
let him be anathema.
" (accursed) (Galatians 1:8)

(What does this Pope teach us about Islam,
but that it is a 'religion of peace' which teaches,
"It is a monstrous lie to say God has a Son". 19:88)

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter
29th September 2018