Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Editor,

There is universal concern about what Islam brings to the world community, especially with regard to the havoc wreaked indiscrimately by its militant arm upon innocents, world-wide, in the name of their Allah with its catchcry, "Allahu Akbar!" (God is great!)

The truth is, that there IS but ONE single answer to all the problems associated with Islam, but through fear of the backlash from its militant arm, should it be published, no-one is yet prepared to take up the challenge to put it before the world. Until this is done, and fearlessly administered world-wide, the horrors of Islam shall persist, in one form or another, until world's-end.

So, what IS the solution? The Edifice-of-Islam is based upon the Koran as being the summation of Divine revelations conveyed to Muhammad by God's messenger, the Archangel Gabriel, over a period of 23 years, and later compiled to constitute their 'holy book'.

The problem for Islam is that their 'Gabriel-source-of-the-Koran' was NOT God's Archangel Gabriel of the Hebrew-Jewish Old Testament and the Messianic New Testament Scriptures, as he claimed. Muhammad's 'angel', contradicts the truth of the Divine revelations of the Ancient Scriptures with their numerous prophecies recorded over thousands and hundreds of years before their fulfilment by the Christ-Messiah 600 years before ever Muhammad was born into the world.

This 'angel' pretended to be Gabriel in order to convince Muhammad he was indeed God's messenger. His Koranic teachings however, betray his true identity. They consign the Christ Himself to hell as an 'unbeliever'. He taught that anyone who teaches God to be a Trinity of persons with the Christ-Messiah as the incarnated eternal Son-of-God, is an 'unbeliever'. 'Unbelievers' are the 'enemies of God' and destined for hellfire. This condemnation includes all of the ancient prophets, the true Archangel Gabriel, the Christ-Messiah Himself, and all who have come to believe in Him.

God's true Archangel Gabriel told Christ's mother she would be mother to the Son-of-God, and the Messiah Himself numerously confirmed His own eternal Divinity, and His place in the Life of the Tri-une Godhead - a Communal Unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hence, their condemnation.

Until Muslims are enabled to grasp the truth that their 'angel' was a deceiver, they shall continue as duped victims to the 'fallen-angel-designed-consequences' their belief in him shall continue to bring to themselves and to the whole world.

The Christ-Messiah declared Himself to be "the Way, the Truth and the Life." The question follows: when will the followers of "Christ-The-Truth", by means of the world's media, serve His truth to the Muslims - the only means by which they can be saved from the deceptions which hold them bound?

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter
25th March 2017