Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


(Ishmael vs Isaac - Islam vs Christianity)
(Islam: In terms of slavery and personal autonomy)

Abraham had two sons, his first child, Ishmael, was born of his barren free-born wife Sarah's Egyptian slave girl, Hagar. His second son was Isaac, naturally conceived thirteen years after Ishmael's birth by God's miraculous intervention when barren Sarah was ninety years old and Abraham, one hundred. (Genesis 21:1-5)

God had made a Perpetual Covenant with Abraham in which He promised, "In thee (Abraham) shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed." (Genesis 12:1-3) He would become "father to all the nations" (Genesis 17:4-7), with children numbered as "the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore." (Genesis 22:16-18) Abraham asked God if He was going to fulfil His Covenant with him through his firstborn, Ishmael, but God said, "No, Sarah will bear you a son whom you are to call Isaac. With him I will establish My Covenant, a Covenant in perpetuity, to be his God and the God of his descendants after him." (Genesis 17:18-19; 22:15-18)

God tested the faith of Abraham by requiring of him to offer his son Isaac to Him as a holocaust, and when Abraham had proved faithful, God returned Isaac to him. (Genesis 22:1-18) (God, the Father, had required of Abraham the sacrifice of his son, Isaac, as precursor to the Self-offering-sacrifice of the Father's own Divine Son on the Cross of Calvary for the redemption of those among all mankind who would look to Him for their salvation.)

Before his birth it was foretold of Ishmael that, "He shall be a wild man. His hand shall be against all men, with all men's hands against him." (Genesis 16:12) (His descendants are the desert Arabs.) Sarah determined the son of the slavegirl was not to be heir with her free-born son. (Genesis 21:9-10)

Our own lives are a mixture of both slavery and freedom. No-one wants to be a slave. The natural desire and right of every person is that we should all be free to exercise our own autonomy; the same for Hagar. She didn't want to be a slave girl. Did Ishmael want to be a wild man? Regardless, he was free in his heart to exercise his own autonomy and it was his heart which took him into conflict with all of his brethren.

Slavery is a many-headed beast. We can be enslaved by all manner of influences which can subject us and control our lives. In whichever way we succumb, so then are we its slave.

Fundamentally, there are only two types of slavery. Either: one enforced upon us from 'without', namely, from poverty of circumstance and/or by those who have circumstantial power over us. The other, is from our 'within' circumstances, of ignorance and making poor choices which take us into the realms of addiction, of whatever kind, and unable to resist its overpowering and controlling impulses which can assume such influence over us, as to bring about the inner forfeiture of our personal autonomy and total subjection to its overpowering mind-and-body controlling dictates.

In this situation, it has been said, for the addict the only way to help him up, is to help him down. That is, down, to the point at the bottom when the only way from there is, up. Meaning, he has, at this point, to make the life vs death decision no-one else can make for him. He has to take back his own self-control by exercising the power of his will, to fight and resist and do whatever it takes, to overcome the renegade power which controls him. Only he/she can do it. And, it can only come from the power of his/her own will to reassert his/her own rightful power of self-autonomy.

We were made for this: to be free to exercise the autonomy of our own personal life, will and being. So, every enslaved person, enslaved by whatever binds him, is to be set free; every one of us in our human nature is designed and created to be free, being made in God's own free-image. ("Let US make man to OUR image."- Genesis 1: 26-27 - Note the 'Genesis' plurality of persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.)

Remember: We are all 'slaves' to what we serve, which determines that not all slavery is evil. There is good slavery by which we give ourselves freely to serve all that is positive and good and life-sustaining in the world. Such, 'slavery' is freely undertaken by way of service, and is not the 'slavery' which is fundamentally at destructive odds with our autonomy and all that is good. It is the addictive, destructive, soul-destroying and unjust slaveries which are against our free human nature itself, which are the slaveries to be overcome. This challenge we all encounter, in some way, at some time in our life, to larger or smaller degree, and how sad it is to see the number of those who are, and have been, destroyed in their struggle. Tragic and heart-wrenching to the extreme. ("To him who overcomes I will give to eat of the tree of Life." - Apocalypse 2:7)

Islam, is an instrument of slavery. It would subject the whole world to itself - its oft stated aim! Muslims, themselves, must be liberated from their own bondage to Islam, and the only right and just means which has the capacity to set them free is the truth, the truth as to how they have been duped, as Muhammad was from his first meeting with his impostor-angel who deceived him into believing he was the Archangel Gabriel, when in truth he was the Arch-Deceiver, the "father-of-lies", posing as "an angel of light". (John 8:44; 2 Corinthians 11:14; 2 Thessalonians 2:9; 2 Peter 5:8; Isaiah 14:12-15) (His multiple contradictions of the Angel who appeared to the Virgin Mary exposed him to be not Gabriel, but a liar.) This angel was, in truth, the Arch-Enemy of the One True God, Satan himself, who came to oppose God's own Messianic religion by establishing his contradictory ideology designed to confuse and conflict with the Messiah-Son-of-God's own revelations, and claim for itself to be: "the only true religion in God's sight" (Koran 3:19) with its admonition to 'believers', to "Take neither Christians nor Jews for your friends." (Koran 5:51)
(This was 600 years after the Saviour-Messiah had completed His Divine Mission.)

In truth: only the truths of the Jewish Messiah can set Islamists free, Who said Himself, "Salvation is of the Jews." (John 4:22) "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. None can come to the Father, except by Me." (John 14:6) "Come to Me that you may have life."(John 5:40)
(See Daniel 2:44; 7:13-14,18,27; Luke 21:27)

Unjust slavery, of its nature, deprives people of their own personal autonomy. This is the unashamed nature of the culture of the Islamic ideology which claims mandate from its 'Allah-god', 'right' to subject all people, 'from one end of the earth to the other', to the power and dictates of its Sharia Law, believers and 'unbelievers' alike. No-one is to be free to challenge its power or demands upon them. Gone forever, is to be their own personal autonomy. All are to be slaves under Islam.

Islam is of Ishmael's ancestral line, rooted in the slavery of his mother, a man who somehow chose to be at odds with all men, with all men opposed to him. The ideology, too, being fundamentally at odds with free human nature itself, finds itself to be "at odds with all free men". And, being at odds with "the free-minded nature" God has sown into our humanity it is, thereby, "at odds with the Mind of God Himself." Clearly, their Allah's Islam, in its nature, is opposed to both Free-Human-Nature and its Divine Author, the One True Tri-une God.

For fourteen centuries Koranic Islam has served the deceptions of their Allah's 'angel-source-dictator-of-its-Koran' who has now been exposed as a Scripturally proven liar who duped the vulnerable Muhammad into believing he was the Archangel Gabriel. He was a liar from the beginning; and who is the 'father-of-lies' but Satan? (John 8:44) Allah, (with his 'deceiving angel of Islam') is clearly not God, but is God's Satanic Adversary, designedly causing chaos and division among all of God's children throughout the world. (Allegorically - 'Ishmael, set against all men.' Genesis 16:12)

So, Islamists, what is it to be for you and your children? Continued slavery under Allah's-dictatorial-Sharia-Law-Islam, or: freedom as gifted to us all by God's own Divine-Son-Messiah (Luke 1:35; 1 John 4:14; Luke 24:44-48; Acts 1:8; Micheas 4:2; ) Who said of Himself, "I am the Truth," (John 14:6) "...and I, the Truth, will make you free"? (John 1:3; 8:32,36) "Come to Me.....for your life" (Matthew 11:28; Apocalypse 21:6; 22:17; John 5:40)

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