Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel
Trinity Sunday 21st May 2016
(Revised September 2018)

The 'Pope of Chrislam'

An open letter to Pope Francis

Christianity and Islam cannot both be true, because one contradicts the other.
You Francis, hold the texts of both to be: 'sacred' - so you are 'a Pope of contradiction' - the Pope of Chrislam!!!
(Could Christ ever have said, "Islam is a 'sacred' religion" and "the only true faith in God's sight?" 3:19) One believes - 'Christ to be the incarnate God', the other believes - 'It is impossible for God to have a son', and that to preach God has a Son, is to preach "a monstrous falsehood." (19:88) .... Which is true ??? (Refer to your 'Evangelli Gaudium', paragraphs 252-253 - "The sacred writings of Islam ... opposed to all forms of violence.") ..."Allahu Akbar!"
The Messiah Son-of-God spoke truly, "No-one can ever come to the Father except by Me." (John 14:6 ) And that, "To see Me is to see the Father", (John 14:7,9) He also said, "My words will never pass away." Matthew 24:35) Is this The Christ-God for Whom you speak - Whose words you (do not) uphold? (John 8:58)

Who do you really serve?
You teach 'contradictory propositions' as both being 'sacred' - as both emanating from the One mind of God. Your words fly in the face of right-reason. You pose irreconcilable propositions to be in harmony. This is a supreme example of how you have managed to create, 'universally', confusion in the minds of the faithful. You must ask yourself, "Who is 'the father of confusion'?" (John 8:44; 1 Cor.14:33) Do you really serve the 'Tri-une God' or do you serve the 'Allahu Akbar God of Allah'? Make up your mind. You can't have it both ways! One, is of the true God - the other, is of Satan, 'the author of lies, confusion and mischief'. (John 8:44; 1 John 2:22)

What do you do? You 'kiss' the 'book' of Islam - which denies His Divinity. If you do not 'kiss' it literally, you 'kiss' it figuratively, when you refer to it as a 'holy' book - a 'book' which declares the Messiah to be "no more than an Apostle"! In your 'Evangelii Gaudium', paragraphs 252-253, you refer to the Koranic writings as 'sacred'!!! Its writings condemn the Messiah to hell as being the destiny of all 'Unbelievers' of its contents. (22:9; 35:36) Surely, the Christ is the Supreme "Unbeliever". He taught, He IS the incarnate 'Son of God' - that " in seeing Him, you see also His Father". "Who has the Son has the Father also. " (1 john 2:22-23)

But, the Islam you defend, extol, and appease, "has neither the Father nor the Son!"
Islam teaches: "The Messiah Son-of-Mary is not God." (4:171; 5:75)
And that: "Unbelievers say, "God is the Messiah, son of Mary."(5:16-17)
that: "It is impossible that God should have a son!" (19:88)
that: "The Christ is no more than an apostle" (4:171; 5:75)
that: "Unbelievers say God is one of three." (4:171; 5:73)
that: "God is the enemy of the unbelievers." (2:98)
that: "Unbelievers will become fuel of the fire." (3:9; 22:19; 35:36)
that: "Those who confute our revelations shall be the tenants of hell." (22:49; 5:86)

Christ the Messiah is the Supreme 'confuter' of Islam:
The Messiah's proclaiming, " who sees Me sees the Father ", (John 14:7,9) is clearly claiming His equality in the Godhead which He has taught to be a Community of three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so He is confuting the Koran's teaching that:
"Who says God has begotten a son preaches a monstrous falsehood." (19:88; 4:171)
"God is NOT One of Three" (4:171; 5:73)
"Who says He is three, is an 'Unbeliever' and" "an enemy of God" (2:98)
"and destined for hellfire."
(Koran 3:9; 22:19; 35:36)
They respect Christ as an Apostle and a prophet (Koran 2:136; 4:171) but condemn Him as an "Unbeliever". Such are their Koranic - 'holy book' - impostor-angel's contradictions.

Prophets of the Ancient Scriptures and the Messiah Himself numerously attested to His Divine Sonship : The prophet Isaiah said: "God Himself, born of a Virgin, will come and save you." (Isaiah 7:14; 35:4) And, the prophet Micah said: "He, Whose going forth is from Eternity, shall be born in Bethlehem." (Micah 5:2) This is the One Who, according to the 'gospel' of Islam is an "Unbeliever", an "enemy of God" ultimately destined, together with all "Unbelievers" (of Islam), to "eternal hellfire." (3:9; 22:49; 5:86)

Christ taught and affirmed that the Tri-une mystery is truly a Unity of Three
, and that where One acts, all act Communally. The Father's Living Son-image was incarnated in the Immaculate Virgin's womb by the operation of the Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the 'Community of Three'- the Spirit- issuing simultaneously and eternally, in unison, from the identical Spiritual Hearts of the Father and His Divine Son-image Who mirrors Him, such that whoever has the Son also has the Father and vice-versa. Who does not have the Son, does not have the Father! The three are Communally One.

In the Judeo-Christian Scriptures:
we have the Tri-une God's Christ-Messiah fulfilling God's promise to Abraham, that "his children are to be numbered as the stars in the heavens and the sands of the seashore." This is The Christ - the One whose Name is "the only Name given to men by Whom mankind can be saved." (Acts 4:12; 17:28) While in the Koran we have: Whoever believes in the Trinity - with Its Christ - ranks among Islam's "Unbelievers", all Koranically condemned as "enemies of God destined for hellfire." (2:98; 3:9) That's us!!

Islam's contradicting nonsense goes on! Its Koran is the compilation of the teachings of an 'Archangel-Gabriel-impersonator-angel's mixture of truth and lies delivered to Muhammad 'from Allah'. It is the voice of this 'angel' who lays open challenge to the authenticity of God's own Messianic religion claiming for Islam - in no uncertain terms - to be henceforth, "the only true religion in God's sight." (3:19) In other words God's own Messianic religion is now superseded and false, and the Christ Who they claim to respect as a Prophet and Apostle, instituted what is now a failed untrue religion with Himself under condemnation as an 'Unbeliever'. The Koran is manifestly a work of lies, deceit and contradictions. Who is the 'father-of-lies' but Satan - the author of all mischief, who "if it were possible would deceive even the elect of God." (Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22)

Pope Francis, in the face of Islam's 'angel's' mischief, your role and duty as Chief-Apostle, is to defend your Messiah by exposing to Satan's victim-Islamists, and to the whole world, the lying deceptions sown into the root of an ideology which has held Islamists captive for fourteen centuries.

This can only be done by telling them the truths of the Messiah as the Divine Saviour Who has fulfilled all of the prophecies of the Ancient Abrahamic-Jewish Scriptures . The Messiah, alone, has fulfilled God's Perpetual Covenant He made with Abraham through the Judaic line of Isaac, Jacob, King David and the Jewish Virgin. God's Covenant was NEVER going to be fulfilled through the line of Ishmael and Muhammad.

At the moment: You are cooperating with the Satanic lies and deceptions of Muhammad's 'unholy angel'. It is now time for you to preach, and to fearlessly teach the Messiah as being the one and only Saviour given to all mankind - be they Buddhist, Hindu, Islamist, Taoist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc., Your role is to perceive the errors and teach them all the truths of the Messiah. Teach His truths or teach not at all! Don't teach us Chrislam...! Teach the world....every heart needs Christ...NOT Allah or any other false 'god' !!! Islamists, and the world, need be set free from the wiles of Islam.

Your duty is to deliver to the world what it desperately needs: (As has been previously asked of you) A "Universal Papal Address" , similar to the one proposed on May God give you the grace to deliver His Messianic 'saving-message' to the world.

The words of St Paul are of particular note with regard to the 'gospel' of Islam:
"Though we, (ie. Those entrusted with the Gospel of the Messiah) or anyone, be it an angel
from heaven, preach a gospel to you other than the gospel we have preached to you, let
him be anathema."
(ie. Accursed) How might any Pope view such a 'gospel' as 'sacred'?
(Galatians 1:8)

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter