Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel

Stage Set for Terrorism 610 AD/CE

Dear Editor,

The article "Stage set decades ago for wave of terrorism", ('Opinion', 28th March, 2017), gives the author's understanding of the internal warring sects within islam into which events the West has become inextricably embroiled. He is clear in his observation that,
"A military solution to the terrorist problem is not going to stop the ideological virus from spreading."

Of course, a military solution will never solve an ideological problem. An ideological problem may only ever be solved by tracing the problem to its root in the ideology itself. Clearly, the 'virus' active in Islam's warring sects, as also with its active 'warring' within every culture into which it takes residence in the world, shall all find their solution only within the nature of the ideology itself.

For the solution to every Islamic problem, it is necessary to go to the very root of the ideology itself, and when this is done, all becomes clear. The answer is singularly one. From the very moment of its inception, "the stage was set for terrorism" and every other malady associated with the ideology. This means the stage was set from its first moments, in the year 610 AD/CE, when Muhammad was approached by "his angel of light" who enlisted him to establish the ideology grounded in his "divine revelations", that this ideology was to be "the only true faith in God's sight." (Koran 3:19) Islam's "holy-book", the Koran, is the summation of this "angel's" teachings and "revelations", and is thus believed to be the words of God conveyed to Muhammad by the Divinity's Archangel Gabriel.

The problem for Islam is, that its "angel-Koranic-source" was not who he claimed to be. This "angel" contradicts the Divinity's true Angel Gabriel of the Ancient Hebrew-Jewish and New Testament Scriptures, who declared to the Virgin Mary that she was to become mother to the incarnated "Son-of-God" by "the overshadowing power of God's own Holy Spirit", as foretold by the Divinity's Prophet Isaiah in the Ancient Scriptures. (Luke 1:26-35; Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:20-23; John 8:58) Muhammad's angel says, "He is no more than an apostle". "It is a monstrous falsehood to say God has begotten a Son." (Koran 5:75 & 19:88)

Conclusion: The whole edifice of Islam is founded upon the words of an 'Angel-Gabriel-impersonator' who pretended to be Gabriel in order to convince Muhammad that he was indeed the Divinity's own messenger. He wasn't! Muhammad's "angel's" numerous contradictions of the true Archangel Gabriel and the Divinity's revelations in the Ancient Scriptures, expose him to be truly an impostor, hell-bent upon supplanting the Divinity's own true Messianic religion - verified true by the Messiah's Scriptural fulfillment of all of the prophecies foretold of Him in the Old Testament Scriptures.

In other words, the words of Muhammad's "gabriel", compiled to form the Koranic base of the whole fractured Islamic ideology, are a construct mixture of truths, lies and deceptions, singularly designed to confuse and challenge the veracity of the Divinity's own Messianic religion. So, who is this "angel"?

We need look no further than to the Messiah Himself, Who tells us, "the father of lies is Satan", God's own confirmed devil-enemy, before ever the world was, (John 8:44; Isaiah 14:12-14) with the capacity to "transform himself into an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14) We see evidence for this, in our own lifetime, with the fulfillment of the Messiah's own prophecy, that "The time shall come when he who kills you (Allahu Akbar) will think he is doing a holy duty for God and he will do this because he knows not the Father nor Me. I tell you this, so when it happens, you will remember I told you." (John 16:2-4)

And so, we can understand, now, how Muhammad and his Islamic people have been so successfully deceived, for 14 centuries, by this masquerading, deceiving, demonic "angel". It is long past the time needed for him, and his lies and contradictions, to be exposed to the world - 14 centuries too late. Now, is the opportunity for every Muslim to free himself/herself from the ideology's deceiving grasp.

Messianic truths, alone, have the capacity to free the Muslim, and the world, from Islamic terrorism.
For how much longer may we withhold this singular solution to the universal dilemma which is Islam?
Only Messiah-truth can defeat the ideology.
View with particular reference to the article, "THE 'ANGEL-VOICE' OF ISLAM".

Yours sincerely.

Alan Mitter