Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel


Dear Sir,

In response to your report, "OUR WAY OF LIFE AT RISK", pages 3-4, 11/11/18, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison's citing of "Islamic extremism as the greatest religious extremist threat to Australia", coupled with Labor MP Anne Aly's worry of him "dividing the community" by his "singling out" of the extremist arm of Islam which implicitly reflects negatively upon the religious ideology as a whole.

What every one needs to realise is that Islamic extremism flourishes in the soil in which its roots are grounded. This 'soil' is their 'holy book', the Quran. It is this 'soil' of the Quran which gives the extremist the justification he needs for the performance of his terrorist acts.

This 'soil' is the source of the divisions which radicalism and intransigent Islamic belief brings with it into western communities. Fundamentally, Islam is a 'nation' of its own. It is an ideology which is both religious and political. Its allegiance is always first to its own 'nation', with any other necessary allegiances secondary in their status. Its political Sharia Law arm, has always the vision of its Sharia Law potentially governing a world of believers and unbelievers with all living subject to its dictates.

No one as yet in our western societies, both religious and political, have been able to muster the fortitude necessary to confront Islam in any meaningful way with the fatal flaws which have lain present in its root from the first moments of the ideology's inception. Nor has any media outlet yet been prepared to focus upon the festering sore at Islam's base, from which sore is spawned its terrorist arm. Until this courage is forthcoming, nothing will change, and terrorism as such will continue until world's end.

I can only recommend that you, and every politician, and every concerned citizen, and especially every Muslim, consider the website for its exposition of the fatal flaws which have been waiting to be universally exposed for fourteen centuries. Only then might there be no more Islam. Only with 'no more Islam' shall there ever be 'no more Islamic terrorism'.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
11th November 2018