Muhammad listening to the Archangel Gabriel

15.  THE MESSIAH IS 'LIFTED UP' (on the Cross)

("When I have been lifted up from the earth, I will draw all things to Myself." John 12:32,33)

*(See also: Luke 24:44-48)*

The Messiah said, "To fulfil the Scriptures, this must be done." (Matthew 26:54)

"My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?"
Prophecy: Psalm 21/22:1
Fulfilment: Matthew 27:46

"And they weighed for my wages, 30 pieces of silver."
Prophecy: Zacharias 11:12
Fulfilment: Matthew 27:1-10

"He trusted in God. Let Him now deliver him."
Prophecy: Psalm 21/22:9
Fulfilment: Matthew 27:43

"Upon My vesture they cast lots."
Prophecy: Psalm 21/22:19
Fulfilment: John 19:23,24

"Not a bone of His shall be broken."
Prophecy: Exodus 12:46 & Numbers 9:12
Fulfilment: John 19:36

"They will look on Him whom they have pierced."
Prophecy: Zacharias 12:10
Fulfilment: John 19:17,18 & 31-37

"They have dug my hands and my feet, and have numbered all my bones."
Prophecy: Psalm 21/22:17,18
Fulfilment: John 20:24


'When they reached the place called 'The Skull', they crucified him there and the two criminals also, one on the right, the other on the left, fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah that He would be, "reputed with the wicked while praying for His transgressors" (Isaiah 53:12 & Mark 15:28) "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) One of the criminals abused him. "Are you not the Christ ?" he said. "Save yourself, and us as well." But the other spoke up and rebuked him. "Have you no fear of God at all ?" he said. "You got the same sentence as he did, but in our case we deserved it: we are paying for what we did. But this man has done nothing wrong." "Jesus," he said, "remember me when you come into your kingdom." "Indeed, I promise you," Jesus replied, "today you will be with Me in paradise." ' (Luke 23:33-43)

The heart of the repentant thief could 'see' the purity and innocence of Christ. It could 'see' and acknowledge justice and injustice. This repentant heart's vision was true. On the other hand, the heart of the other had no regard for innocence, repentance, justice or injustice. It sought only to escape its own earned penalty; its vision turned inwards, imprisoned in itself. It sought not 'the wings of the Dove' (Psalm 54:7) to carry it soaring on Its wings of Justice, Truth and Holy Love to the bliss of Eternal Wonder. It could not 'see' as the heart of the other could see. One a 'seeing' heart, the other blind.

So...some can see. And others are blind. What tragedy!
And so, for eternity,..............for each heart, its destiny. (Ecclesiasticus 15:18)

Some can 'see' the Messiah, while others can see but a man...or an 'apostle'... (Koran 4:171 & 5:75)